It’s not that long ago when all you needed to travel abroad was an up to date passport.
In the modern age that is sadly no longer the case.
Below you will find a list of what we check for our clients each time they travel.

Pre Departure Advice:

Check your passport is valid and you have all necessary visas.

Take out comprehensive travel insurance before travelling, and make sure it covers you for everything you want to do
If you are travelling in Europe, take your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – you can apply for it free at – in some hospitals it may entitle you to free or reduced cost state healthcare, and some insurance companies may reduce or waive their excess costs if you hold one – check your insurance policy for details.

Visit for information on the country you’ll be visiting and to understand how the local laws and customs differ from home.

Visit to research vaccinations or any other medical requirements, and if necessary visit a travel health clinic or your GP at least six weeks before you travel.

Make copies of important travel documents and/or store them online using a secure data storage site.
Tell someone where you’re going and leave emergency contact details.
Take enough money with you, and have access to emergency funds.
Understand what consular staff can and can’t do to help British nationals travelling overseas.
Do you need a driving licence?
Do you need to enter API (advance passenger information) into your booking?

Other possible queries could be on single parents taking children abroad (you might need a signed letter from the other parent giving permission for the children to leave the country).
We now also check carefully if a pregnant lady is able to fly (we recently had a booking where we were at fault for not spotting that a particular airline rule meant our client couldn’t fly back with them so we had to change to another airline).

As you can see it’s a fairly comprehensive list.

I would say the area that causes most stress (I’m not kidding) is passport validity and visas.
A lot of countries require you to have at least 3 or 6 months validity left on your passport so it’s always best to double check this.
Visas can also cause problems.
Turkey is the latest country where you now need a visa to gain entrance.
This is done electronically where you are faced with a comprehensive list of questions before they take money off you.
It always strikes me as a little strange that a country you want to visit and spend money in also insist on making you pay a bit extra to visit them!
One word of caution on electronic visa applications……make sure you are on the right website!
There are now online companies who dress themselves up to look very official and will charge you an extortionate ‘fee’ for processing your application despite the fact that you can do it yourself (or via Omega Travel) for considerably less.

Providing you have booked a holiday or flights with Omega it doesn’t cost any extra for us to help with any of the above (other than of course the cost of visas themselves).
Letting Omega do your visas, online check in, API and a multitude of other bits of tiresome administration leaves you free to get on with more important things……and we do it for FREE!